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Signalianz Alumni Association is driven by self-less volunteers who devote their time, effort and money to help this vibrant entity achieve its objectives. Board of Governors is the premier governance body of Signalianz which sets long term strategy and guides the Executive Team led by the President.

Mansur Khan.JPG

Mansur Khan

Class of 1996
President of Signalianz

Telecomm engineer with a proven history of volunteerism. Leads the networking planning function at PTML. A founding member of Signalianz, Mansur continues to lead volunteers who selflessly contribute to various national causes.

Irtiza Ali.jpg

Irtiza Ali

Class of 1998, Member BoG

Accomplished Software Architect at ZF Auto-motives, Germany. Also a founding member of Signalianz.


Ammar Ahmed Khan

Class of 1999, Member BoG
Ex-President of Signalianz

Managing Director of a global telecomm service provider, Ammar has also served as President of NUST Alumni Association and President of Signalianz.

Madeeha Basharat.jpg

Madeeha Basharat

Class of 2004, Member BoG

Fulbright Scholar actively  teaching a mix of courses at various institutions of higher education for the last 12 years.


Umer Zafar

Class of 2007, Member BoG

Telecomm Engineer actively pursuing entrepreneurship.

Zulqarnain Gilani.jpg

Dr. Zulqarnain Gilani

Class of 1997, Member BoG

Research Associate at Edith Cowan University, Australia. Among the founding members of Signalianz, Dr. Gilani led the endowment fund raising effort generating PKR 12 Million currently invested with NUST Trust Fund.

Abu Baker.jpg

Muhammad A. B. Ilyas

Class of 1998, Member BoG

Entrepreneur & educator specializing in organizational development, project economy & digital transformation.

Taha Masood.jpg

Taha Masood

Class of 2000, Member BoG

Techie at heart with the soul of a philosopher. Works at the overlapping edge of software, telecom, embedded systems, IOT, English movies and Urdu poetry.

Fadil Aleem.jpg

Fadil Aleem

Class of 2004, Member BoG

Telecom Engineer settled in UK. Fadil has a solid track record in active and effective volunteerism.

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